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  • Hospital Central Call Server

    ACS - 5001 - 5002 - 5003 - 5004

    Hospital Central Call Server is an unit that provides recording and reporting of Nurse Calls, Code Blue, Code Pink, and Code White calls, initiate consultation, producing statistics over local area network without in need of any person. It can also be integrated with all automation systems. It is structured to work 7/24 without interruption and can be integrated with any brand telephone central. Compatible with hospital information management system.

  • Room Control Panel

    ACS 5023 - Sıva Altı / ACS 5024

    It is a panel that feeds and controls in-room bedside call units, bath-WC call units and door mounted warning lamps . At the same time, allows authorized staff to initiate and terminate code blue-pink-white calls, consultation calls visually and audibly by using staff cards to the system. Panel can be updated based on usage scenarios using the USB port on the front panel.

  • Nurse Call Panel

    Continuous and fast communication between health personnel and patients
    ACS - 5030 - 5031 - 5032 - 5033

    Nurse Call Panel is unit that allows nurses to monitorize call status of the rooms and be informed regarding emergency situations from the service desks.

    15”, 17”, 19", 21” Wide Screen Panel PC
    Nurse Call Panel is a unit with aesthetic and ergonomic design. It transfers room and bed information to the nurses visually and audibly .

    Nurse Call Software Panel; has a software that allow nurses to use easily and capable of keeping record and report of the performance of all events.

  • Call Reset Unit & Handset

    ACS 5055 - 5056 - 5057

    Patient bedside call unit, is an intelligent unit stylishly designed for nurse calls from the patient room. Different types of handsets and patient monitorization devices can be connected to these units. Keypad enable nurse call to initiate and to terminate by the nurse who responded .

    Patient handset call unit is designed for easy access from the bed in order to be able to call the nurse without using the patient's bedside call unit. Call for a cleaning staff and lighting control function is optional.

  • Drawstring Cord Call Unit & Door Mounted Warning Lamp

    ACS 5060 - 5061

    Patient WC/Bath Units are stylishly designed unit that provides making nurse calls from the WC and Baths located in the patient rooms and Hallways. These units are equipped with a drawstring cord that allows making a call in an emergency occurring on wet floors.

    ACS 5065 - 5066

    Warning lamps consist of Red - Green - Blue colored lights, positioned on the door of the patient's bedroom to be seen easily and to prevent time waste on responding to the patient.

  • Pager & Dect & Wireless Transmitter

    ACS 5040 - 5041

    Pager has eight line width screen allows received messages to be examined fast and easy.
    Device allows user to record time logs of receiving and reading messages, so that retrospective control can be made. The device can be adjusted to give different types of alerts on different types of calls.

    ACS 5010 - 5011

    Through wireless transmitters placed on certain points of the hospital, staff can receive messages from the system to their pagers or DECT phones within the hospital.

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