Dijital Nurse Call Systems Toggle

  • Digital Addressed Nurse Call Panel

    ACS 5200 - 5201

    Digital Addressed Nurse Call Panel is the unit that provides following-up normal and emergency calls coming from patient rooms or bathroom/WC by nurse or staff in the fastest way possible by positioning on the most visible point of the nurse desk in the inpatient service.

    Product Specifications

    • Time and temperature display 
    • Seeing 6 calls at the same time
    • Emergency Call Priority
    • 4-digit digital display
    • The buzzer beeps and silent mode 
    • Aesthetic design suited to any space

  • Door Mounted Warning Lamp

    ACS 5256 - 5257

    Warning lamps consist of Red - Green - Blue colored lights, positioned on the door of the patient's bedroom to be seen easily and to prevent time waste on responding to the patient. No light lit in normal conditions.
    It lit in cases of Nurse Call, Call termination and code blue-pink-white call situations. Warning lamp is mounted in the way that can be seen easily from the hallway above the doors and it makes easier to be seen by the nurses and it increases response time.

  • Modules

    Lighting Control Module
    ACS 5221
    The product used in digital nurse call systems, enables the courtesy lamp located at bedside to turn on and off via patient handset.

    16 Socket Address Module
    ACS 5218
    Through the product used in digital nurse call systems, enables communication with all field equipment and provides determine room address. Module is in easy addressable structure and it can be addressed via central..

    Room Address Module
    ACS 5210
    Module is in easy addressable structure and it can be addressed via central.

    ACS 5216 - 5217
    Through the product used in digital nurse call systems, it is used when the number of bed in patient rooms are more than two. Supports up to 5 beds.

  • Call Reset Unit

    ACS 5230 - 5231

    Patient bedside call unit, stylishly designed unit for providing nurses to be called in patient rooms. Keypad enable emergency calls and the termination of the calls by the nurse. it enables patients to call the nurse without getting up from the bed by connecting to handset unit. Call reset unit is usually mounted to patient bed head in patient rooms.

  • WC/Bath Drawstring Cord Call Unit

    ACS 5250 - 5251

    Patient WC/Bath Units are stylishly designed unit that provides making nurse calls from the WC and Baths located in the patient rooms and Hallways. These units are equipped with a drawstring that allows making a call in an emergency occurring on wet floors. Drawstring cord on Call unites placed for easier reach for patients. Patient initiate emergency call by pulling this cord.

  • Patient Handset

    ACS 5240 - 5241 - 5242

    Patient handset call unit is designed for easy access from the bed in order to be able to call the nurse without using patient's bedside call unit. Call for cleaning staff and lighting control is optional. The handsets do not operate independently, it is connected to call reset units. There are handset unit sockets on the call reset units.

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